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  Along with the improvement of living standards, people have higher requirements on food, and there are also more and more choices. Thus Western pastries are increasingly popular in China and have become a part of people's daily diet. This change of consumption habit has brought new opportunities for the business development of Fonterra Foodservice China. The Western pastry houses mushroom in modern prosperous cities with various sorts of beautiful pastry products. This is the very base of the expansion of Fonterra Foodservice China.

随着生活水平的提高,人们对饮食的要求越来越高,选择也越来越多元化。西式糕点被越来越多的中国人多接受,逐渐成为人们日常饮食中的一部分。这些消费习惯的变化为恒天然餐饮业务在中国的发展带来了新的机遇. 在繁华的城市中,西式糕点房四处林立,里面品种繁多,花样百出的西式糕点令人琳琅满目。 这里正是恒天然餐饮服务业务拓展的根据地。

In the 1980s to 1990s, Chinese people used to prefer Chinese pastries to Western ones which then were mainly supplied in luxury hotels and had little access to common people. The major business of Fonterra Foodservice China focused on providing cream products for mainland at small scale through Hong Kong office.


In 2000, Fonterra Foodservice China initiated its business expansion strategy in tier-1 cities and opened offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and other districts. On the basis of the center offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Dalian and Guangzhou, Foodservice has extended business to the surrounding areas and maintained a remarkable annual increase of 30% for ten consecutive years.


(Voice-over) Established in 1996, Wedome is one of the largest chain of bakery stores in Beijing with more than 180 shops across the capital. Well admired by Beijing residents, its products are known for their premium quality. Wedome ranks among the top ten bakeries in China, a position it has occupied for many years.


(Voice-over) When most bakeries were still using magarine as a core ingredient, Fonterra encouraged and guided Wedome to develop a 50% non-dairy:50% dairy blend to upgrade the taste and quality of its products.


(Voice-over) Mid-Autumn Festival, is an important festival celebrated on the 15th day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar (September or October on the Gregorian calendar). It is an occasion when family members gather together and eat “moon cakes”. For every Chinese food manufacturer this festival is a key business opportunity. There has been constant innovation in the making of moon cakes over the years. In 2007, Fonterra convinced Weidomei to trial a cheese moon cake.

 旁白/字幕 每年农历8月15日,是中国传统的中秋节,在这一天和家人团聚吃月饼是全球华人一大传统。而对于各大食品生产厂家而言,这一个节日也意味着每年必争的重大商机,在月饼制作上如何传承和创新则考验着每个厂家的智慧。2007年,在恒天然的建议下味多美开始尝试制作奶酪月饼。
(Voice-over) Today the annual consumption volume of Anchor cream by Wedome exceeds 500 tons, and the total volume of Anchor butter, cheese and cream consumed exceeds 1,000 tons.
On December 15, 2010, Wedome held a press conference in Beijing to announce that all Wedome cream cakes will use Fonterra natural cream. Fonterra has become the most important whip-cream partner for Wedome.


(Voice-over) With the support of Fonterra, Wedome’s business network has continued to expand, along with its market share. Today, Wedome has become the leading bakery brand in China, and one with the highest brand recognition. Fonterra will continue to play an important role in supplying bakery chains like Wedome as they expand nationwide.



(Voice-over) Operating in Beijing for more than 15 years, Fengqi Food conducts business across three major sectors -- bakery store chains, western-style restaurants and manufacturing for other brands. It is also a key supplier to all the 7-11 stores in the city and was the appointed bakery supplier for 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, including the athletes.Fengqi Food plays an important role in Beijing's baking industry.

(Voice-over) China has seen a sharp increase in e-business over the past two years, with on-line cake stores becoming increasingly popular. In 2010, Feingqi Food entered this sector.  Fonterra tactically seized this opportunity and helped Feingqi to launch a new on-line premium cheesecake brand-"12 Cheese".


(Voice-over) The launch of "12 Cheese" received excellent market feedback. Just last week, sales of more than 2700 cheese cakes were achieved within a 2-day promotion. In 2010, the cooperation between Fonterra and Fengqi entered a new chapter.
This is a white war without fight and blood. This is an amazing and unprecendented exploration. This is a soar to realize our dream. "
Ten Years of Fonterra Foodservice in China."
We started here, took our root, and explore the market by all means."
We started here, moved forward step by step, and finally attain to success today."
Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the starting points of our dream."

Starting here, we fight for success."
Starting here, we dream of the future."
The market is here. So is the battlefield. We exploit, and we step forward."
Ten years of sweat, laughter, applause and touching. We will keep on moving and fight for greater success."
要求,把 感动 的感觉表达出来,一定语气在这里要能够感动别人。


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